Scifi Desert Town is a comprehensive sci-fi asset pack designed for Unreal Engine, transporting game developers into a captivating town nestled in the vast expanse of a desert planet. This pack is ideal for creating immersive environments for sci-fi adventure, exploration, and narrative-driven games.
Technical Details
Game ready 
Unique sci-fi architectural designs
 Various props
 A pre-built demo level showcasing the versatility of the assets and inspiring creative usage.
Number of Unique Meshes: 63
Collision: Yes (automatically generated)
Blueprint: 10
Vertex Count: 4 to 1M
LODs: Yes (automatically generated)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 40
Number of Textures: 133
Texture Resolutions: 512x512 to 8192x4096
Supported Development Platforms:

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